Wood Wallet - Camphor, Satinwood and Blackwood

Wood Wallet - Camphor, Satinwood and Blackwood
This simple, elegant Wood Wallet is the perfect Valentines Day gift. Camphor wood has an added bonus because it smells wonderful! I have added a little strip of Satin wood at the clasp which really contrasts nicely with the African Blackwood trim.

This is, without a doubt,  a specialty box in your pocket or purse. I began making wood wallets because I carry my credit cards and business cards together. Why not make them fun, interesting, unique and gorgeous? I have been making these for over 4 years and they just keep getting better.

Holds credit cards, business cards, license, cash, and more. I carry about 3 business cards with 7 or 8 plastic cards. I hand make a wood hinge and add a tiny magnetic closure. You can hold this upside down and shake it and it will still stay closed. 

These make excellent birthday presents or holiday gifts . . . buy or order yours today! 

Hand made by me, Jacquelyn Smith, in my Oregon wood shop, USA!
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